Melissa Oeth

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a special place in my heart for homes that needed a little TLC.

My parents realized in the 70’s that the best way to get a great deal on a house was to buy a “fixer-upper”. My dad was very handy, so this was a great way for him to take a solidly built house in need of repair and love and turn it into a beautiful place for our family to live. I watched, helped where I could, and learned. Years later, newly married in my mid-20s with little credit history and not a lot of income, we, too, took the route of purchasing a “fixer-upper” for our first home.

How gratifying it was to use the knowledge bestowed by my dad to turn a party worn college rental into a beautiful home in which to raise our three children.
20 years later, after helping many friends and family to create lovely homes of their own, I would start my business- ‘The Well Kept Home’ in an effort to help others to do the same.
My mission has always been to help clients breathe a deep sigh of relief upon arriving home… to a place where their needs are met, they feel safe, secure and are surrounded by beauty and comfort.

When the opportunity presented itself to become the owner/innkeeper of Ship’s Cove, I felt grateful for the challenge to help create a vacation destination where families can come to experience that same deep sense of relief.

Mindful of every last detail, my husband, Mike, and I (along with the help of some of our 7 kids!) are excited by the renovation of the early 1900’s era main house and surrounding buildings and gardens.

We are excited to share this special place with you.